Council 2018 Issue #4: Funding

The fourth issue tackled by the 2018 Community Consultation on the Future of Global Voices was Funding.

Read the full issue paper: Community Council Issue Paper 4: Funding

In this poll, we consider the question of funding for Global Voices. We ask: what criteria should we use when deciding what kinds of funds to take, and what should we prioritize?

Members of the council were encouraged to read the issue paper and discuss it on our private mailing list, which received many long, thoughtful replies on the subject. We also held two group video chats where the issues were discussed.

This page serves as an archive for the results of the D21 poll that finished our deliberation on this issue. 

You can review the full poll results for Issue #4 right on the D21 platform.

You can also download the results for Issue #4 as a PDF.

83 council members voted in this poll.

The results for each poll question are shown below. Each voter was able to use both “for” and “against” votes, to indicate which options they were most and least in favor of. The results allow us to see both what is popular and what is controversial.

Which of these elements are most important in a future GV funding model?

What about GV are you willing to change in order to accept new funding sources?

As we consider new sources of funding, which of these should GV be willing to accept?

If GV were to pursue advertising or monetization, which activities should we be willing to undertake?

When considering ethical frameworks, which of the following approaches do you prefer?

How, if at all, should community members participate in decisions about which funders to work with?

Which organizational model for Global Voices most appeals to you?

NOTE: You can review the proposed models at the end of Community Council Issue Paper 4: Funding

Demographic questions for Poll #4