Organizational Working Groups

As an organization, Global Voices, and in particular the Core Team, uses “Working Groups” to tackle aspects of our work that require collaboration across departments. Below are listed the current working groups and their mandates, activities, membership and frequencies.

If you would like to contact an appropriate working group about an issue facing GV, you can directly contact the person listed as the “chair” below, either on the Global Voices Slack, or using the email listed for them on the Our People page of

See also Roles and Responsibilities.


Mandate: Collectively review design strategy, ideas, and set priorities for GV. Plan testing, review results, and agree on implementations.

Membership: Jer (chair), all interested Core Team members, key non-core stakeholders

Frequency: bi-weekly (Mondays)

Development and fundraising

Mandate: Support and coordination of organizational development

Activities: Identification of new opportunities, fundraising, proposal writing, and building and operationalizing alternative revenue models

Membership: Ivan (chair), Georgia, Ivan, Eddie, Filip, Maryalice, Alex

Frequency: Weekly (Tuesdays)


Mandate: To shape strategy and plan editorial work, to review work of the newsroom and gather feedback, to update larger team on progress on editorial projects,to discuss and plan personnel needs.

Membership: Filip (chair), Georgia, Ivan, Eddie

Frequency: Bi-weekly (Wednesdays)

Community Communications

Mandate: Optimize our community communications channels to eliminate confusing and unused ones, and build new channels that reach more users.


  • Develop protocols for regularly sharing important information with the community, by the most appropriate means for the message.
  • Establishing best-practices for sub-community communications e.g. regional groups and supporting local managers in using them.
  • Ensure bi-directional feedback is possible throughout community comms.
  • Handle feedback from the community related to communications.
  • Ensure orientation materials are complete, up to date, and integrated into onboarding.

Membership: Eddie (chair), Jer, Georgia

Frequency: Bi-weekly (Wednesdays)


Mandate: Ensure Lingua integration with GV sections, discuss and implement new ideas and evaluate and execute future strategy.


  • Review and improve Lingua technical platform and workflows
  • Collaborate on Lingua<>Newsroom integration 
  • Developing special projects
  • Assess and evaluate reporting/stats and generally speaking
  • Lingua priorities and future strategy
  • Innovation and discussing new ideas

Membership: Lingua manager (chair), Tech lead, Managing Director, Executive Director, Managing editor, RV Director

Frequency: Every four weeks.


Mandate: Oversee decisions related to infrastructure, logistics, and infosafety to facilitate operational crossover between departments.


  • Evaluate and select internal communication tools, taking infosafety into account.
  • Design and support onboarding infrastructure and process in consultation with relevant managers.
  • Advise on security protocols for vulnerable community members.

Membership: Georgia (chair), Jer, Maryalice, others as needed

Frequency: Every 4 weeks (Fridays)


Mandate: Ensure the effective functioning of GV’s partnership process


  • Review new republication partner applications
  • Establish best practice guidelines, including encouraging reciprocal partnerships

Membership: Eddie, Filip, Georgia

Frequency: Bi-weekly (Wednesdays)

Social Media

Mandate: To ensure the effective integration of social media into Global Voices’s activities

Membership: Nevin (chair), Georgia, Ivan, Filip

Frequency: Every four weeks on Tuesday, starting June 8, 2021