GV Quotes

NOTE: Quotes are essentially disabled on Global Voices sites as of March 2017, this guide is for reference to how the feature was used in the past and to aid in future resurrection of the feature if needed. 

What are Quotes and Quote Categories?

“Quotes” are intended to be used for promotional purposes. Each quote should be part of a “set”, for example “fundraising”, so that the quotes can be shown randomly. The “sets” are created using the “quote category” option on each quote post. Each quote should probably only be in one category. Quote categories are not shown on public display of quotes, they are only for editorial use.

All quotes should have a Source Name and preferably also a Source URL (where readers can find the quote in context).

How is the avatar image generated?

The avatar used for the quote source is controlled by the posts's thumbnail in the “GV Post Thumbnail Chooser” box.

How are quotes displayed?

Quotes are displayed using the [gvquotes] shortcode, which will be replaced with a quote or set of quotes according to the options you set.

[gvquotes category="fundraising"]

Shows 1 (default count) random (default order) quote from the “fundraising” Quote Category.

[gvquotes category="fundraising" count="3" orderby="date"]

Shows 3 quotes from the “fundraising” Quote Category ordered by most recently published.

[gvquotes category="fundraising" count="999" orderby="date"]

Shows all quotes from the “fundraising” Quote Category ordered by most recently published. This can be used to create a page that lists all the quotes for the public if desired.

Is there a public archive of the quotes?

Currently there is no nicely-styled public-facing listing of quotes, if you need one please use the [gvquotes] shortcode with count=”999″ inside a page and link to that.

That being said, for translation purposes the archive of all quotes is accessible by going to the URL of the site and adding ?post_type=gv_quotes to the end.

From that screen you can also click on quote categories to see a listing of only quotes in that category