Social Media Embeds That Don't Work

Below are some social media embed tools that Global Voices WordPress sites don't fully support for various reasons. This page exists to give examples of them for future testing.

Embed codes that do work should all be found in the Instant Article Test Post.

forbidden icon over a script html tag

Telegram embeds don't work on GV

Telegram is a messaging service, but you can also use it as a kind of blogging platform, in which case your posts can be shared and embedded. They don't work at all on the AMP versions of our pages, so you should not use them on GV.

An embed of this post from February 2020 is inserted below. It's based on an <iframe> that loads all the data inside itself.


Tiktok embeds don't work on GV

Tiktok is a video sharing service. The Tiktok embed code superficially seems to work fine on GV sites, but the AMP versions of our pages don't show them correctly. There may be support in the future, but for now we should not use these embeds. (view the /amp/ version of this page to see why).

This video of chocolate is an example of the embed, which has both <blockquote> and <script> elements:

@power_visionDid you know? #hack #trick #lifehack #lifehacks♬ Monster – LUM!X