Global Voices at International Events

Global Voices Online has been a participant at many International Events and will look at the following suggestions to improve on increasing its visibility and voice by considering;

Publishing and presenting Research and Concept papers:- Contributors shall develop and publish research and concept papers in their respective areas of expertise. Upon review by their peers in the Editorial and Management team, they can present these at identified events and forums. The papers can also be reviewed for online journals and established media outlets.

Collaborations with relevant organisations and documenting areas of expertise for presentation:-Contributors, authors and editors can identify organizations’ with whom GV can share a platform. For example, national and regional bloggers associations and events are fertile ground not only for partnering but also recruiting new contributors for GV. These collaborations can be on local or global projects and events.

Acting as media partners with organizers’ and events to be attended: - By identifying events and forums that qualify for GV participation, we can work as media partners. This would include branding at the event, co-branding of materials for the events, use of GV logo(s) in communication prior, during and post-event coverage.

Using GV contributors as social media specialists’ e.g. through Live-tweeting (especially with multiple attendants):-
For the contributors and editors who are well versed with multiple social media platforms can avail these services to qualifying events. This can be at a minimal fee or free of charge in return for more prominence for GV. An open call can be made for authors and editors who can attend such events e.g. if the conference is taking place at Cebu, GV authors and editors who are social media specialists from there can be given first priority.

Getting assigned as Guest Speaker(s) and Panelist(s) for our Editors and Contributors; Experts in their respective topics can get speaking engagements at these events as well as become panelists where applicable. In addition to this, engaging other guests and panelists actively at the events is bound to give GV more prominence.

Documenting and reporting on the Events prior, during and post-attendance ( especially for those with blogs and online links):- On attending these events, doing a post on GV is another way for gaining prominence. Also developing posts before or during the event can help gain some mileage over other media forms.

Submitted by: Richard Wanjohi