GV Online Training

We’ve been talking about our own experience of being confused when we attempted to write for our very first time. Then we've been discussing how we can develop online trainings which encourage the newcomers to start writing.

We also realize that many authors and translators have their very good knowledge on their fields/areas they are mainly focusing on. We think it would be great if they can share these knowledge/knowhow with the newcomers and other GV members, and even with those who are outside this community.

We have these four ideas so far.

1. Creating a Big and Simple Guideline (or Q&A Documents) as an introduction paper to newcomers and who need some guidance as authors so that they can receive some knowhow from the veterans of GVers. We can make some questionnaires or use google survey to gather tips and tricks from authors all over the world. We know that GV has its Wiki page, but it may be for some people a little too much information for their first read; so this Guideline could be there for those who are very beginners of writing to read as the very first introduction. Then they could understand GV Wiki easier than their first read.

2. Behind-the-scene videos from the senior members of GV.
We are thinking of something like monthly videos (MOOC or webinar) which could provide some specific writing and translating tips from the senior GVers. Discussions on how and in what form are still in progress. We would like to find the best way for all the GV members no matter where they are living and no matter what the surrounding internet environment is like. And we are also thinking that this kind of videos (or in any media) could be addressed to those who are interested but outside GV. This is also what we should discuss more.

3. Online Training for Writing and Translating
From our own experiences of being confused when we tried to write articles for our very first time, we think that a skype or any kind of online training would be helpful for those who are about to start their writing. Discussions on how and in what form we can do are still in progress. It could also be helpful, even for experienced writers or translators, to continue to benefit from online peer to peer training.

4. Pairing of senior GVers with newcomers
Some newcomers to GV have the chance to be in direct touch with another, senior, GV member, who can help to understand GV’s editing choices and frames, also in terms of writing and translating. But others begin on their own, and feel quite lonely in the start. It might be useful to pair some senior members with newcomers, in a one to one form or through a group process.

These are our progresses so far.

Our next steps are to make our discussion schedule more concrete and specifically, and to discuss what kind of contents we can include in our trainings. If we need to make a presentation about our ideas in Cebu, the preparation for it will also be on our to-do list.

Submitted by: Sayuri Ishiwata