Making Internet Companies Listen

Problem Statement

This group was created to come up with advocacy strategies targeting internet companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft…on issues related to user rights particularly free expression and the right to privacy.

Desired Outcomes

Develop a set of tools and tactics we can use as a community to more effectively advocate for corporate policy changes. We are particularly interested in the following changes: 1) corporate accountability and 2) more transparency regarding government requests

Conclusions Reached

You can be a GVer if you:

Here are a number of tools/ideas we came up with to to make internet companies listen:

1) launching a section on advox concerned with corporate policies affecting user rights.
2) reporting and translating into different languages the results of the Ranking Digital Rights to be released in fall 2015
3) sending GV community letter to internet companies on issues of interest

Next steps

Next action would be to hear the feedbacks of the GV community on 1) How can we use this new section and 2) what should we expect from the tech companies we depend on 3) how to get more people in the GV community involved 4)what kind of partnerships and alliances we can create to make change

Submitted by: Afef Abrougui