Working Group: Ways to be a GVer

Problem Statement

In what other ways people, other than volunteer author or translator, can be considered a GVer, and develop alternative activities to participate in the GV community.

Desired Outcomes

Develop a set of alternative activities ways to participate in the GV community, and recommendations on how to put them into practice.

Discover, list and share how can someone who isn't GV author nor translator can feel as a GVer and become a GVer.

Conclusions Reached

You can be a GVer if you:

  • Share GV posts on your networks, whether Facebook or Twitter or some other networks.
  • If you share GV work, you could become our managers for social media sites.
  • If you stand out in any projects initiated by GV, such as blogging and translating competitions. This may help tp recognise new talent and form a better and stronger GV.
  • If you are a fundraiser. There are people who don't translate, nor write articles, and maybe they don't even use social media.
  • If you feel GV mission as yours and defend it in front of other people and convince them to collaborate with us, you can be considered a GVer.

Next steps

Some decisions that may result from these suggestions need direct action by GV core team or policy makers. For example, the blogging and translating competitions. Or the fundraisers, who will need to be contacted by someone with “authority” within GV. I use ” for authority as I strongly believe everybody counts just the same in our community and Core Team are just like primus inter pares, a concept well-known among lawyers

Submitted by: Gabriela Garcia Calderon