Posts about Translation Managers

Change in Russian Lingua Leadership

Announcing Ekaterina Golubina, Russian Translation Manager, stepping down.

Change in Arabic Lingua Leadership!

Announcing Rawan Gharib, Arabic Translation Manager, stepping down.

Change in Portuguese Lingua Leadership!

Announcing a change in Portuguese Lingua leadership!

New Portuguese Translation Manager on board and change in leadership!

Announcing Melina Coelho as Portuguese Translation Manager!

Meet Julia Krebs, the Contributor Driven by Her curiosity and Interest in Broadening Horizons

"I love watching clouds run over the sky while sitting at the window [...], dreaming up all the travels I want to make and journeys I want to go on."

Meet Sanjib Chaudhary, the Contributor who Collects Stories of Interesting Characters for a Book

"The articles published on GV give a totally different perspective about the current happenings around the world. I always look at ‘both sides of the coin' while writing a story."

Meet Esther Dodo, the Editor who Gets Disconneted Playing Tennis and Dancing Zumba

"I found Global Voices totally by chance while browsing the Internet – and I became captivated with the idea of translating the news."

New Arabic Translation Manager on board!

Announcing Ali Khalil as new Arabic Translation Manager!

Meet David Kalmar, the Translation Manager who Volunteers with Language, his Most Useful Skill

"I don’t always agree with the articles that I work on, but I find it important to get to know multiple opinions on a subject." David Kalmar, Global Voices Hungarian...

Change in Esperanto Lingua Leadership!

Announcing changing in Esperanto Lingua, Vastalto stepping down and Steve Brewer is our Esperanto Translation Manager!