What is this site?

The community blog is a place for Global Voices contributors to share stories about our lives, our homes, travels and encounters, to reflect on our work and share ideas about our field. Share an image, a reflection, a fear or hope, a change in life situation. Profile a colleague or friend, or a project or story to enliven our lives. Propose an idea for a  collaborative project, invite others to discuss or debate ideas and issues, both about work and the world, or just start a conversation.

While this site is a place for GV community members to interact, play and express ourselves, it is visible to the public, so the world can get to know the people behind Global Voices, and also join us in discussion and conversation in the comments threads.

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Posts on this site do not reflect the views of Global Voices

Because all GV contributors are able to publish here without editorial review, please do not consider any given post as representing Global Voices as a whole. The rigorous editorial standards that apply on the main Global Voices sites do not apply here. All views are those of the posts’ authors.

About the logo

Global Voices Community logo by Jer Clarke based on “Network” an icon designed by Bybzee from the Noun Project.