Global Voices March 2022 highlights

A man's face is smeared with coloured powder during the Hindu spring festival of Holi in Chennai, India in 2015. Observed in mid-March (Gregorian calendar), Holi originated on the Indian Subcontinent but is observed in South Asian diaspora communities throughout the world. Photo by Well-Bred Kannan (WBK Photography) (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Thank you, GVers, for all your contributions in March 2022! Here are some of the month's highlights:

Staff changes: Stepping down from their GV staff roles in March were Tanya Lokot, who relinquished to Central Europe Editor position to focus on Advox research; Greater Central Asia editor Paolo Sorbello; and our Project and Development Manager Alex Esenler, who has joined OpenArchive as their Director of Programs and Operations. Replacing Alex as Civic Media Observatory lead is Giovana Fleck.

In March we also welcomed Sindhuri Nandhakumar in the role of research manager for Advox and coordinating editor on the Civic Media Observatory; and Zhar Zardykhan, who replaces Paolo as Greater Central Asia Editor.

Welcome to the following contributors who published their first GV story or translation in March 2022:

Alaa Siddique, Amal Anwar, Ameya Nagarajan, Ana Clara Borone, Andrea Nunes, Dana Santander, Danae Flores, Dima Samaro, Dounia Latorre, Elizabeth Francisca Alfandi Silva, Ghaith Mahfoud, Giannis Tsiougkos, Giorgos Kassiteridis, Ioana Dobre, Kanav Narayan Sahgal, Laís Martins, Latisha Harry, Marcel Talafa, Maria Kouziou, ​Mariela Fredes Perez, Marwa Hussein Ali ElSayed, Mohamad Shehab, Mohamed Ghareeb Kord, Natalie Van Hoozer, Noa Beau Rijkers, Oguljamal Yazliyeva, Olga Solovyeva, Pavel Kutsev, Reyhan Topal, Rocío González, Shirin Rahman, Sophie Vandenberghe, Stéphanie Zeukeu, Tabatha Auguste, Triantafyllos Zacharakis, Upasana Rana, Zahraa Haj Najeeb.

The Global Voices Podcast made a grand return on March 18! Helmed by the indomitable Ameya Nagarajan, the first two episodes looked at Russia's invasion of Ukraine as viewed from the global south, and the British royals’ ill-fated tour of the Caribbean, the crisis in Sri Lanka, and the pandemic's impact on Latinas with disabilities.

Media and conference appearances and other achievements by GVers:

Advox director Nanjala Nyabola was one of 12 “eminent persons” named in March to the United Nations newly established high-level advisory board on effective multilateralism. The board will be co-chaired by former president of Liberia, Ellen Johson Sirleaf and former prime minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven.

February 22: Southeast Asia editor Mong Palatino participated in a discussion on the internet and freedom of expression with Picture People.

March 15: Managing editor Filip Noubel participated in a focus group discussion on disinformation in Asia hosted by Luminate.

March 17: Filip Noubel delivered a talk on Russia, Ukraine and China as part of Metamorphosis Foundation‘s “Anti-Disinformation Hub” project.

March 25: Filip Noubel delivered a talk to students at New York University on GV’s coverage of Ukraine.

March 27: Younguang Mro, a writer and researcher from Bangladesh's Mro community whose pioneering Mro language grammar book was the subject of a GV story, was interviewed on Australia's ABC radio. Our South Asia editor Rezwan appeared on the broadcast as interpreter.

March 31-April 3: A Q&A with Global Voices in Italiano translation manager Marisa Petricca about her experiences managing and participating in a GV translation community was the basis of a research paper presented by University of Bologna student Marina Manfredi at the Atisa X Conference hosted by the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Number of stories published on GV in English in March 2022: 117 (up from 88 in February)

Number of translations and original stories published on Lingua sites in March 2022: 490 (up from 434 in February)

The 10 most active Lingua sites in March 2022:

  1. Global Voices en Español                                 122
  2. Global Voices teny Malagasy                            48
  3. Global Voices in Russian                                   42
  4. Global Voices στα Ελληνικά                             40
  5. Global Voices Ukranian                                    40
  6. Global Voices in Italiano                                   32
  7. Global Voices en Français                                 31
  8. Global Voices in Arabic                                     30
  9. Global Voices em Português                            29
  10. Global Voices in het Nederlands                     13
  11. Global Voices in Bangla                                     11

Total pageviews (all sites) in March 2022: 592,651 5 (up from 558,328 in February)

Top 10 posts by pageviews in March 2022 (includes only recent posts):

    1. プーチン政権下、タタール人は民族としての独自性を取り戻せるのか by Elmira Lyapina, translated into Japanese by Motoko Saito (19,050 views)
    2. There will be a world without Putin, but can we live in a world without Russia? by Abel Polese (13,100 views)
    3. Japan confronts the problem of ‘mega solar’ by Justin Aukema (7,039 views)
    4. In the Czech Republic, ‘private sanctions’ increase Russophobia by Global Voices Central and Eastern Europe (6,308 views)
    5. The Chinese great translation movement: Exposing Chinese propaganda or spreading hate? by Oiwan Lam (6,233 views)
    6. Silent and uneasy: Armenia’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine by OC Media (4,597 views)
    7. Yugoslavia wasn't a Soviet ally—so why does that misconception persist in Western media? by Filip Stojanovski (4,441 views)
    8. Following invasion of Ukraine, Russia declares war on its citizens by Roman Shemakov (4,265 views)
    9. Ukrainian Dispatches 1: Fleeing Kyiv with family and pets  by Abel Polese (4,140 views)
    10. ‘Untimely’ death of soca singer Dexter ‘Blaxx’ Stewart leaves Trinidad & Tobago in mourning by Janine Mendes-France (3,974 views)

Top 15 countries from which people visited GV sites in March 2022:

  1. United States
  2. Japan
  3. Germany
  4. Brazil
  5. United Kingdom
  6. France
  7. Spain
  8. Canada
  9. Italy
  10. Mexico
  11. Philippines
  12. Colombia
  13. India
  14. Australia
  15. Russia

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