Global Voices Guide

This is the Global Voices Guide, a set of documents that explain how we define and create stories for the Global Voices sites. It has information about our editorial goals and standards, technical details about creating posts in WordPress and references for custom tools used by Global Voices.

Please use the Guide: Start Here and Guide: References boxes to the right to find what you are looking for.

The full guide sections below can be a bit intimidating, so we recommend using one of the starters or references and follow links from there.

Guide Sections

Organizational Guides

This section explains how we are organized, how we communicate, and presents our ethics policy and guidelines for interacting with each other.

Newsroom Guides

A huge set of guides for editors, authors and translators about what GV stories are and our journalistic standards and practices.

Lingua Guides

These documents explain joining, operations and management of Lingua. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and to subscribe to our Lingua newsletter!

Technical Guides

These documents explain specific technical details of our processes and how to get things done with Global Voices sites and services we integrate.

Advox Guides

These documents offer editorial and research guidance for Advox authors.

Rising Voices Guides

These documents explain what makes a Rising Voices story, how to pitch an idea, and the editing process.

Admin Guide

These documents explain expense reporting, invoicing and other administrative matters.