Lingua Guides

These documents explain joining, operations and management of Lingua. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and to subscribe to our Lingua newsletter!

Translators’ Guide

This guide explains the process of creating translations of Global Voices posts within the Lingua network and from the Lingua sites.

Translation Managers Guide

This page has the instructions for all the major activities involved in setting up and running a Global Voices Lingua site.

Lingua Content

This page explains when in which circumstances a Lingua site can publish exclusive content and the policy regarding it.

Translating Special Coverage Pages

Please note: This page is very much out of date! The Special Coverage system is undergoing an incremental overhaul. Please contact Jer Clarke on Slack to discuss setting up new Special Coverage pages as of 2022-05.   See also: Creating Special Coverage Pages (SCP): On Global Voices, Special Coverage Pages (SCP) are a…

Toolbox for Translators

In this page, we list free tools and resources that the Global Voices Lingua community can use for both, work for GV and self-empowerment. SEO & Social Media tools Attracta: boosts site ranks in search engines, recommended for new Lingua sites. Rapportive & to discover social networks associated with a person's email. twXplorer & TweetDeck, which…