Organizational Guides

Our community has more than 1,200 writers, translators, activists and experts from around the world. We don't have a physical office at Global Voices, but every day our authors, editors, and translators interact to make things happen on the Global Voices site and in our broader community.

This section explains how we are organized, how we communicate, and presents our ethics policy and guidelines for interacting with each other.

Community Consultation on the Future of Global Voices

Contents1 Recent posts from the Community Council Blog2 Consultation Schedule3 A model for community participation4 What issues are at stake?5 Who can participate in the Council?6 What tasks will Council members…

Roles and Responsibilities

This page explains the organizational structure of Global Voices.

Communication and Safety Guidelines

As a distributed community, our work will be smoother, safer and more efficient if we all share a basic methodology and set of tools for our communications.

Ethics and Harassment Policy

This section sets out principles and guidelines for behavior in a variety of contexts and situations.

Board Elections FAQ

This page explains the procedure for electing community representatives to the Global Voices Board of Directors.

Google Groups

Explanation of GV communication via Google Groups.

GV Slack Guide

Explanation of how we use Slack inside Global Voices

GV Meetup Guide

This guide was compiled following the experiences from six GV Meetups in six cities around the world, which were a part of the GV Innovation grants in 2014.