Organizational Guides

Our community has more than 1,200 writers, translators, activists and experts from around the world. We don't have a physical office at Global Voices, but every day our authors, editors, and translators interact to make things happen on the Global Voices site and in our broader community.

This section explains how we are organized, how we communicate, and presents our ethics policy and guidelines for interacting with each other.

Communication Within GV

Introductory guide to communication channels used by GV to help new members get up to speed and ensure they are signed up.

Organizational Working Groups

As an organization, Global Voices, and in particular the Core Team, uses “Working Groups” to tackle aspects of our work that require collaboration across departments. Below are listed the current working groups and their mandates, activities, membership and frequencies. If you would like to contact an appropriate working group about…

GVer of the Week Nomination Form

Use the form on this page to nominate someone you think should be highlighted in our “Community Member of the Week” blog series!

Facebook Fundraising Guide

Facebook has a powerful tool called Personal Fundraisers and Donations. It's free to use and anyone with a Facebook account (with some major geographic exceptions — more below) can use for fundraising and donations. Charitable organizations such as Global Voices qualify for Facebook Fundraisers, and the great thing is Facebook…

GV Fundraising Graphics

These promotional images are perfect for any kind of fundraising campaign for Global Voices.

Global Voices Fundraising Ethics

Global Voices Funding Principles At Global Voices, our work is driven by our community, in service to our readers. Our contributors and editorial staff decide what stories we tell and how we tell them. We evaluate all funding sources based on the impact they have on our mission, values, and…

Communication and Safety Guidelines

As a distributed community, our work will be smoother, safer and more efficient if we all share a basic methodology and set of tools for our communications.

Board Elections FAQ

This page explains the procedure for electing community representatives to the Global Voices Board of Directors.

GV Communication Channels

A comprehensive list of Google Groups and other channels used to communicate within GV, including global groups, regional/ linguistic editorial groups and Lingua translation site groups.

GV Meetup Guide

This guide was compiled following the experiences from six GV Meetups in six cities around the world, which were a part of the GV Innovation grants in 2014.