Technical Guides

Social Media Embeds That Don't Work

Some social media embeds don't work on GV, so please don't use the ones demonstrated in this page.

Global Voices (GV) seeks a web developer

Global Voices (GV) seeks a web developer to work on a wide range of technical needs for Global Voices websites and projects.

WordPress Posting Guide

This guide to creating stories with WordPress has everything you need to know about the technical side of creating and formatting stories for Global Voices.

WordPress Shortcodes

 What's a shortcode? Shortcodes are words wrapped in square brackets that you put into a post, page or text widget that get replaced at load time by some complex content…

Redirecting URLs with Safe Redirect Manager

A guide to the Safe Redirect Manager WordPress plugin, which can be used to fix broken URLs by redirecting them to a new URL. This is needed for posts or…

Using Gravity Forms on GV

This guide explains our implementation of the GravityForms WordPress plugin on GlobalVoices and how to use it. Intended for site administrators only.

Mailchimp Setup for GV Sites

This guide explains how to set up a MailChimp email newsletter and how to integrate it with a GV site that uses the standard GV theme. It is intended for…

Author Application Form

This guide explains how our Gravity Forms-powered author application system works.

Debugging HTTPS Problems

Now that Global Voices is going HTTPS-only we have a new problem that will crop up: HTTPS errors and warnings. Note: This page is for background on the subject and to…

Facebook Instant Articles Guide

This page explains how we use the Facebook Instant Articles (iA) system in conjunction with our WordPress sites at Global Voices. The guide is intended for technical staff site administrators to…

Trello Task Management Guide

This document contains tips, tricks and strategies for using Trello, a free task management app/website that many people within Global Voices use to manage our work and collaborate on projects….

GV Quotes

NOTE: Quotes are essentially disabled on Global Voices sites as of March 2017, this guide is for reference to how the feature was used in the past and to aid…


Geo-bombing is one of the techniques that can be employed to enable more effective dissemination of your YouTube videos campaign through Google mapping applications like Google Maps and Google Earth.