Newsroom Guides

Edit Flow

Authors, editors and translators use Edit Flow's Notifications and Editorial Comments boxes in WordPress to communicate about story editing.

Toolbox for Editors

This page contains information for editors on writing stories, partnerships, accessing Google analytics and crossposting.

GV Reddit Posting Guide

Reddit is a user-generated community site whose mission is: “to help people discover places where they can be their true selves, and empower our community to flourish”.

How to Set Up Your Own Email Newsletter

Email newsletters continue to be an important way for news organizations to distribute their stories and engage with their audiences. And, because it's possible to precisely observe how recipients engage (or do not engage) with content, newsletters are also a powerful tool to analyze audience engagement and develop insights that…

The Art of Writing Short Posts

You don't have to spend days and days on a long post — unless you want to! We can also write short posts between 100 and 300 words.

Style Guide

This is a reference document for all authors, translators and editors to help the community ensure high editorial standards across the entire GV site.

The Bridge

Guidelines for The Bridge, Global Voices’ original writing section.


This page is for editors interested in building media or content-related partnerships.