The Bridge

What Is The Bridge?

The Bridge features personal essays, commentary, and creative non-fiction that illuminate differences in perception between local and international coverage of news events, as told from the unique perspective of members of the Global Voices community.

It was started in 2013 as a result of discussions that took place at the 2012 Global Voices Summit in Nairobi, Kenya. The lead Bridge editor is Georgia.

How to Get Your Story on The Bridge

To suggest a story idea to The Bridge editorial team, fill in the form at the bottom of this page. The Bridge team will review your idea and get back to you with further instructions.

Publishing on The Bridge is normally reserved for active members of the Global Voices community and republication partners, though the editors will occasionally publish pieces by guest authors.

If you are unsure whether your story should be published on The Bridge or as part of the regular GV flow, consult with your editor.

Story Types

For The Bridge we are seeking high-quality, human-centred stories. A good Bridge story:

  • Might explain a gap between common perceptions and those held by a local community. The goal of such a piece is not so much to say what is right or true, but to illuminate or explain why different groups might have diverse perspectives on an issue. (Example: How Not to Write About Smartphones and Spain)
  • Should make sure to acknowledge and/or address common perceptions and the different conversations taking place globally around the topic at hand.

We encourage you to read the stories already published on The Bridge to see further examples of the range of approaches writers have taken so far.

Format and Style

Format rules for Bridge posts are looser than normal Global Voices stories, but still in the spirit of disinterested inquiry.

We want them to be tightly and well written, so be prepared to work closely with a member of the Bridge editorial team on both structure and language.

Even when pieces present a personal perspective on a topic, the facts still need to be correct and supported where possible with hyperlinks to credible sources.

The target length for Bridge articles is 600-1,000 words.

Pitching an Idea to The Bridge

Here are a few things you should consider before pitching a Bridge story:

  • Are you are passionate about the topic?
  • Do you have a personal connection to the story?
  • Is it a topic about which you have some special knowledge or expertise?
  • Do you have something fresh or interesting to say about the topic?