Toolbox for Editors

Style Guide

This is a reference document for all authors, translators and editors to help the community ensure high editorial standards across the entire GV site.

Crossposting to Advox and Rising Voices

If you have published an Advox or Rising Voices story on Global Voices and would like to publish it on the Advox or Rising Voices site, please follow this process.

Google Analytics

We track traffic on all Global Voices websites using Google Analytics profiles. Google Analytics is a tool that works by inserting code in each page on a site that sends info about visitors back to Google, then letting us look at the info with many powerful tools on the Google Analytics…

How to Cover Breaking News

A guide on breaking news coverage, including best practices and ideas for follow-up stories in the days and weeks after news breaks.

Stories to Write About

One of the most important things to keep in mind when writing a story is how it furthers Global Voices’ mission.

Tips for Writing Leads

Leads should be no longer than 35 words. Peel your story down to the core, then write the lead.

Verifying Social Media Content

It is important that we confirm that the user-generated content we use is authentic, original and from a trustworthy source.