The Global Voices Community Council is a forum for Global Voices participants to advise on strategic issues related to the organization, including fundraising and ethics policies, editorial approach, programmatic focus, and related topics.

The Council will play a consultative role in various decision-making processes led by the board and core team. Council members will advise, share knowledge, and express opinions on key issues via a mailing list, group video calls, and structured opinion polls.

This page describes the ongoing Community Council, starting in late 2019/early 2020 and informally known as “Council 0.2″.

To learn more about the original “Council 0.1″, please see the Community Consultation on the Future of Global Voices 2018 page, which describes the original, temporary council's makeup as well as the four key issues we tackled.

The “new” council is a continuation of that process, based on the overwhelming support we received for the idea during Council 2018 Issue #3: Organizational Structure.

Council roster:

Consultations and meetings

The Council will convene when there is an important issue to discuss. Issues will be presented by the Core Team with associated reading materials, including research, analysis, and proposed solutions for discussion.

Members will be given time to review and comment on these materials over email, followed by online video conference calls for live discussion. If choosing between a set of final options is part of the issue package, members will be given time to fill out an online poll collecting their preferences.

Each period of deliberation will take 1-3 weeks depending on the topic and need for polling. Issues will likely be presented quarterly, with several months of downtime between deliberations.

Online meetings will last approximately 90 minutes to two hours. Meeting schedules will be focused on enabling as many members as possible to participate, and recordings will be made available for those who cannot attend.

Council Membership

Participation in the Council is open to all active contributors, community members, and contractors who meet the qualifications and agree to the terms and expectations of membership (both described below).

The Council is not limited in size, and we aim to ensure a diverse and representative group across contributor type, geography, gender and language.

The Council is intended to be a permanent, ongoing process, with members continuing participation as long as they choose to.

Terms and expectations of membership

Council members will work together to address the issues and solutions presented by sharing ideas, knowledge and solutions.

Specifically, Council members are expected to:

  • Receive and respond to Council communications, including email, meeting invitations, and polls.
  • Read and reflect on the issues and solutions presented to the council.
  • Join group discussion on designated communication platforms, and participate in online video calls.
  • Participate in polls when applicable.
  • Agree to open, civil and respectful discussions in accordance with the Community Ethics and Harassment Policy in Council proceedings and in public life.
  • Agree to practice secure communication in accordance with the Communication and Safety Guidelines
  • Sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) document agreeing to these terms of participation.

Who can participate in the Council?

The goal of our membership criteria is broad participation from across the community. Any person who falls into one or more of the following categories may participate:

  • Contributors who have been part of the GV community for at least three months, have made at least five contributions total, and have published a post or translation in the past five years.
    • This includes participants in campaigns, collaborative posts such as the Netizen Report, and Rising Voices microgrant project leads
  • Core team members, board members, newsroom editors, translation managers, and other contractors.
  • Inactive contributors, editors, translation managers, other contractors and community members who participated more than five years ago are also encouraged to apply

All council members must be in good standing with regard to Global Voices’ Community Ethics and Harassment Policy.

Applications and Renewal

New membership applications will be requested and accepted once per year. Qualifying community members can apply to join using [the Council application form]

The Council will have sessions, each lasting one year. At the end of each year, members will be asked to renew their participation.

Members may resign from the Council at any time by notifying

Censure or Removal

Members may be censured or removed from the Council for the following reasons:

  • A breach of the Community Ethics and Harassment Policy, within Global Voices or in public life.
  • Lack of participation in Council activities (see Terms and expectations of membership above).

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