Danica Radovanovic

Dr. Danica Radovanovic is a Digital Equality Advisor at the Basic Internet Foundation headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and IoT researcher. Also, she serves as an advisory board member at ICAF (International Child Art Foundation). One of the internet pioneers, Danica’s previous work include web metadata project for the UN, science blogs (Scientific American), and online editorships (ArtArea, Australian Science), lecturing on web journalism & activism, and digital media consultancy. Personal website ‘Digital Serendipities’. Follow DanicaR on Twitter.

Danica is also the Advocacy Contributor at Global Voices.

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December 23, 2016

Towards an inclusive society

This summer, I started to work as a digital equality advisor for the Basic Internet Foundation headquartered in Oslo, Norway. The Foundation is an organisation that aims at optimised content...