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Debashish is a software professional based in Pune, India. He had been blogging in English and Hindi since 2002. He founded India's first (and only) desi blog awards Indibloggies and the first Hindi blog aggregator Chittha Vishwa, Hindi webzines Nirantar and Nirantar, and Hindi podcast Podbharati. Debashish has contributed to the localization of multiple pieces of software. He has also been instrumental in beginning initiatives like Buno Kahani, a group blog where various authors literally weave a story and Anugunj – a web event hosted in turn by Hindi bloggers – where various bloggers write on a given topic. He publishes the newsletters Podcast Parikrama and The Agile Chronicles. [Click here to know more]

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A survey for podcast listeners

  June 1, 2020

A group of Podcasters, keen on reviving their decade old podcast, are looking for guidance from podcast listeners around the globe to get an insight on their listening habits & preferences.

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