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GV Council: Applications and Renewals for 2021 are open!

Get involved with building a stronger GV, join the Community Council for 2021

Council 2020 Next Steps: Follow-up meetings and Action Groups!

Our initial meetings for the “Beyond Authors and Translators” Council deliberation were fascinating, here’s what we’re planning to ensure we take action on your ideas.

Community Council 2020 Issue Paper 1: Expanding and diversifying participation

In the first Community Council consultation of 2020, we'll brainstorm and develop plans for changes we can make that will increase the diversity and inclusivity of the Global Voices community.

Announcing the start of planning for the GV Community Council 2020

We are launching version 0.2 of the Community Council! Learn how it's changed and apply or renew your membership now!

Community Council update

A review of what we've accomplished following the Community Council over the last six months.

GV Community Council: conclusions and plans

Preliminary learning and decisions based on Community Council discussions and polls

What we learned from the Community Council polls

Preliminary thoughts on the Community Council poll results!

Poll results from the Community Council are all online!

On each page you'll find a brief summary of the issue, links to the full issue papers that dig into each issue, and the in-depth results from the accompanying poll.

Community Council Issue Paper 4: Funding

Today we're happy to share the fourth issue paper for the Community Consultation on the Future of Global Voices – on the subject of funding for Global Voices. In this poll, we consider...

Community Council Issue Paper 3: Organizational Structure

Today we're happy to share the third issue paper for the Community Consultation on the Future of Global Voices – on the subject of the organizational structure of Global Voices. The issue...