GV Board Elections 2020 Volunteers’ Rep. Candidate: Adéṣínà Ghani Ayẹni (Ọmọ Yoòbá)

Adéṣínà Ghani Ayẹni (Ọmọ Yoòbá).

Adéṣínà Ghani Ayẹni (known on GV as Ọmọ Yoòbá) hails from the south-western region of Nigeria. A journalist focusing on language advocacy and digital rights, he is the founder of Yobamoodua Cultural Heritage and uses all available means to promote the Yorùbá language and culture to the world. Adéṣínà heads the digital marketing unit of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Lagos Operations and is head of the digital content unit of Bond 92.9 FM. His interests include the arts, science, technology and the achievement of universal internet access. Adéṣínà joined Global Voices in November 2018 and is the Translation Manager for Global Voices in Yorùbá.

All candidates in the 2020 board elections have been asked to answer the set of questions listed below. Feel free to ask Adéṣínà additional questions in the comments area below this post!

What appeals to you most about the prospect of serving on the GV board?

I would like to have a first-hand experience of how decisions in the GV community are made and also to learn from the experts and great minds on the board.

What talents, skills, connections, and expertise can you offer Global Voices in your role as board representative?

First and foremost, as a journalist and Digital Strategist for the foremost broadcast radio station in Nigeria, I will be bringing my experience in broadcasting and program development to the table. Also, I am good with audio-visual production softwares, my knowledge in these areas can be passed on to the board, because I think there should be a digital GV radio and TV, we should move forward from text based reporting to audio-visual, it is a necessity because report shows that people listen and watch visuals online more than they read texts.

As you look ahead to the next three years, what, in your opinion, should be GV’s overarching priorities as an organization?

Like I said in my answer to the previous question, there is dire need for GV to go into mainstream audio-visual, we should focus on this. In addition, we should host events to bring together young people to educate them on the importance of community reporting for national and global development, by so doing we can get reports on issues that we may not have been able to publish. These leads gives us the advantage of doing big stories by following up on the beats. Partnership arrangement with Mass Communication departments of higher institutions is a good avenue to propagate the agenda of GV. All for our own good and growth.

What aspect of GV’s work interests you the most?

As a digital cum language right activists, both Advox and Lingua are of great interest to me. On the other hand, Rising Voices is also important because it gives the voiceless who have been doing tremendous things a voice, I was once on Rising Voices and it means a lot to me.

What would you like to get out of this board service experience, both professionally and personally?

Knowing more about decision-making in a global community like GV is a great step in the right direction towards the development and growth of my language promotional efforts, also in my professional field as well as personally as a young leader.

How will you fit board service into your personal and other professional work commitments?

There is always a time for everything, and there is always a spare time out of a busy schedule, I can manage my professional work and personal activities along with the board service.

What methods would you use to engage and listen to the community in order to represent them effectively at board level?

Due to the fact I may not be available to participate in live virtual meetings sometimes, email, WhatsApp, Signal and other VoIP platforms where we can drop messages for each other are the best methods to engage with the community, but that it is not to say that I won't be available for virtual meetings all the time.

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