Khattab Hamad's role in addressing the lack of Sudan-related news online

Photo provided by Khattab and used with permission.

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Khattab Hamad is a member of the Sub-Saharan Africa team contributing since June of 2020. In just six months since he's been writing for GV, he's produced 12 articles related to internet shutdowns, the health crisis in the country, and the aftermath of the revolution.

In this email interview, Khattab shares his perspective on why Global Voices is important in the media ecosystem, especially as it pertains to his home country of Sudan.

Global Voices: What do you do outside GV? What are your other interests?

I'm a telecom engineer working at a telecom company in Sudan so I spend most of my time during the day in an office. After work, I like to explore the news of Africa, specifically Sudan and from the African horn.

For my hobbies, I'm a good table tennis player.

GV: What do you want people to know about the place you live?

I live in Sudan. I know that Sudan is still a mysterious country for many people as there's not enough information about Sudan on the internet. But, I want to say that Sudan is a beautiful and diverse country.

You might like to know that Sudan has more 200 pyramids. I know this may be a surprise for some many people, but yes, it's a fact. Also, Sudan is the birth point of the Nile river as Khartoum, the capital, is located at the meeting point of the Blue Nile which comes from Ethiopia and the White Nile which comes from Uganda.

GV: How did you find GV and get started as a contributor?

My friend Mohamed Sulieman (a contributor on GV) sent a link to one of his articles, and since that time I started exploring the platform semi-daily.

GV: Why do you think GV is important?

GV is independent. I can't say more than this word. Many of the news and media platforms are dedicated and directed to some people's, corporate and states’ opinions and thought, but GV is neutral in reflecting the facts!

GV: How did GV change your view of the world?

Since Mohamed sent the link, I started exploring GV and I didn't find enough content about Sudan which gave me the inspiration to help Mohamed to reflect Sudan's internal issues to the world.

Follow Khattab on Twitter at @ga800l.

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