The Schrödinger GV'r

It's been several years since I stopped being an active member of Global Voices and took other cyberpaths. However, from time to time nostalgia catches me and then I do something like organizing an alumni meeting but just for myself. Once the always attentive Nevin confirms the date, I wait anxiously, and when the day comes I start posting for a week on GV's Instagram account.

You will say “that is not so funny but rather sounds like an obligation”, and well, in fact one of my sources of income is being a community manager for small companies, but when I do it for GV it does not sound like work at all for me, what's more, I really enjoy it. The issue has its little joys, like when someone I know gives a “like” to something I've posted: Claire liked it! Sanjib too! and I remember some talk or the moment when we took a photo together (that's the part that sounds like an alumni meeting, I have to say).

I usually post photos or videos of something that I really like to do, travel. But this time (yes, I'm in my happy week posting on GV's Instagram) I decided to take care of something that touches me closely: the protests in Colombia. I will not talk about it, if you want to find out, read GV's magnificent posts about it and visit our account on Instagram.

But I do will tell you that for reasons beyond my knowledge as a community manager one of the posts I published became almost viral. I do not dare to say that it is the post with the most likes on the account, but at least according to internal statistics it is the one with the most likes so far among what has been published in the last two years.

Beyond something that is just vanity numbers, what remains is the satisfaction of contributing with a grain of sand to the main objective, which in this case is to make visible the complicated and painful situation that the neighboring country of Colombia is going through, similar in part, to what we went through here in Peru last year.

And well, I don't bother you anymore, I'm going to look for content to post in the next few days, keep on visiting me!


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