GV Board Elections 2023 Volunteers’ Rep. Candidate: Khojasta Sameeye

Photo of Khojesta Same

Khojesta Sameeye. Photo courtesy Khojesta Sameeye.

Khojasta Sameyee is a writer, researcher, and civic activist from Afghanistan, where she worked as a journalist with various media outlets in Afghanistan. She has a degree in mining engineering and is co-author of the book “The Mountains Have Witnessed: The Story of a Girl who Dared for More”, published in 2021. In 2018 Khojesta was recognised for her reporting on women, peace, and security with a UNDP/N-Peace award. She established a women-led newspaper and is now working on my own newspaper. She joined Global Voices in August 2018.

All candidates in the 2023 board elections have been asked to answer the set of questions listed below. Feel free to ask Khojesta additional questions in the comments area below this post!

What appeals to you most about the prospect of serving on the GV board?

The are many reasons that appeals me to serve on GV board and one of them is to listen to different people's voices in the community of GV. As a journalist this is my responsibility to raise the voices of people from different parts of the world and serving to GV board will give me this chance.

What talents, skills, connections, and expertise can you offer Global Voices in your role as board representative?

As a media activist for almost 7 years, I can offer my experience in journalism, media and communication to the GV community. My experience as a woman journalist amid a country that is now changed to a prison for its journalists and media activists will help GV community to learn more about the difficulties of being a journalist in countries like Afghanistan.

As you look ahead to the next three years, what, in your opinion, should be GV’s overarching priorities as an organization?

As an organization GV's overarching in next three years should be on independent journalism, publishing of impartial news and reports and raising the voices of vulnerable people living in remote areas.

What aspect of GV’s work interests you the most?

Raising the voices of people from different parts of the world and publishing it in frame of articles and translating it to many other languages, in order to let the other people in the world know about it.

What would you like to get out of this board service experience, both professionally and personally?

Through being in touch with the professional people in the board I want to increase my capacity and experience in the field of media and journalism. Besides, by launching of online meetings with the GV community members I will become familiar with different people, cultures and traditions.

How will you fit board service into your personal and other professional work commitments?

As it is volunteer work and I love volunteering, I would be fully committed to participate, work and go through the GV's timeline in order to deliver a quality work to the organization and to the community members.

What methods would you use to engage and listen to the community in order to represent them effectively at board level?

I will use different methods in order that the community members can reach me easily and I can represent them at board level. I can hear the GV community through the online meetings, email and Whatsapp.

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