Stats4Community: August 2023

In an effort to recognize our writers and translators and be more transparent about our readership each month, we are continuing our Stats4Community series, where we share monthly updates about our most popular stories each month. We will also be highlighting the top Lingua posts for different languages to showcase the linguistic diversity across the GV community. This month's stories are from our Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and Italian Lingua sites.

In total, Global Voices’ site saw an estimated 327,000 viewers in August. All statistics here are drawn from Google Analytics and do not necessarily represent the total number of views due to adblockers and other privacy settings.

GV English top stories August 2023

China is on the precipice of its own major financial crisis

China could be facing a significant economic crisis as its housing market undergoes a series of high-profile bankruptcies and defaults. The nation’s largest real estate developer, Evergrande, applied for bankruptcy protection in New York after suffering a USD 80 billion loss over the last two years. (7,470+ views)

Uzbekistan landing page 

Our Uzbekistan landing page saw an unusually high amount of traffic in August. This could be due to increased interest in the region, our piece about the much-underrated Karakalpakstan region, our exploration of the exhilarating game of kok-boru, or something else entirely.  (3,836 views)

Which African countries may join the BRICS group of nations, and why do they want to?

This piece explored which African nations may be joining the BRICS nations group — an international political coalition made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The increased interest in joining BRICS could signal a new era of South-South cooperation on the global stage. (2,695 views)

Here are the most viewed stories from our Spanish, Russian, Italian, and Ukrainian sites.

GV Spanish

Se resta importancia a «altercado diplomático» sobre matrimonio homosexual, pero siguen diferencias sobre cuestiones LGBTQ+ en la relación Jamaica-Estados Unidos (“Diplomatic tiff” over same-sex marriage downplayed, but differences remain on LGBTQ+ issues in Jamaica-US relationship)

Officials in Jamaica have long spurned LGBTQ+ marriage and aren’t likely to change this position any time soon. There are numerous ongoing court cases where activists are petitioning the courts to allow same-sex marriage and equal rights, and it is often a contentious issue divided on religious lines. Within this context, international tensions rose amid reports that the Jamaican government rejected diplomats from the US who are in same-sex partnerships, stirring fears of possible US diplomatic retaliation. The move drew reactions on both sides as many conservatives resented “US” ideas being foisted on the island, while activists bemoaned the nation’s stringent line on LGBTQ+ rights. (8,350+ views)

GV Russia

10 африканских блюд, которые каждый должен попробовать (10 dishes from Subsaharan Africa that everyone should try)

A piece from our archives suggesting 10 Subsaharan African recipes to try saw some traffic last month on the GV Russia site. This piece, published in 2014, has been translated into Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, and Greek. (235+ views) 

GV Italian

Il popolare tiktoker Nekoglai parla di torture da parte della polizia russa (Popular TikToker Nekoglai tells of torture by Russian police)

Moldovan blogger Nekoglai, who is a major online celebrity in Russia, shared a story on his TikTok account of his experience being attacked and tortured in Russia and leaving Russia for safety in Moldova. His detainment came after he released numerous TikTok videos parodying Russian soldiers throwing bombs. (250+ views)


Росіяни за кордоном використовують новий антивоєнний та антипутінський прапор (For Russians living abroad and denouncing Ukraine's invasion, a new flag symbolizes opposition to Putin)

This 2022 piece discusses a social media trend where Russians were sharing photos of an altered Russian flag to denounce President Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine. This article was published less than three weeks after Russia launched its full-scale invasion and was part of a series of protesters and resistance movements from Russians both at home and abroad opposing the war. (140+ views)

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