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Focused on Syria, the Middle East, the Sahel, the Balkans, conflicts, hybrid warfarе, and mercenaries. A columnist and freelance journalist; co-founder of De Re Militari Journal.

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The Unspoken War

  April 25, 2016

We live in interesting times. It's a kind of curse, isn't it? I guess the Chinese were right when they said that such times are the most perilous to live in. But what's interesting about the time that we live in, is that there's nothing all that special about it....

“Radicals everywhere”: where do we all go wrong?

  July 16, 2015

In the first two months of the year, we have witnessed the attack against a mosque in Sweden causing injuries to five people; the attack against the French magazine Charlie Hebdo which caused a 11 deaths; 60 attacks against mosques and Muslims in France; the North Carolina shooting in which a dedicated...