On behalf of the GV Radio team, we’re pleased to announce the (soft) launch of GV Radio and we would like your feedback on what you’ll be hearing.

How to listen

You can use the player above to listen live or add our stream URL to a radio player of your choice:


  • The URL should work in most browsers including mobile.
  • You can add the URL in iTunes using File > Open Stream.
  • If you have an app like TuneIn Radio, just copy and paste this url and save it in your favorites ;)


  • GV-produced programming (GV Podcast, GV Podcast in Portuguese & GV Face)
  • Podcast partners (Radio Ambulante from Latin America, Pinarra Aku from Australia, Jamaat ul Mausiqui from Pakistan, Papuan Voices from West Papua)
  • Community-created content (Africa Cheza by James Propa and Bloque Radial de los Oprimidos by David Escalante).
  • Since we are a global community, we want to make sure that there is programming 24 hours a day. To begin, we’ll repeat this 8 hour block three times a day at 12:00 am, 8:00 am, and 4:00 pm UTC.

Full Schedule