The GV Blog Challenge – Are you game?

We had some very busy times at the now defunct “Lingua-All”  group, and that meant whenever we had a game. Remember? Any subject line that started with “How do you say X in your language” had many, many replies. This makes me believe that us – GVers – are fun loving people who absolutely can't resist a good game!

(By the way, how would you say “Are you game?” in your language? Please let me know in the comment box!)

Going back to the challenge, our passion for games came to my mind straight away when we were thinking about ways of launching this very community blog that you are reading now – a “birthday” present for all GVers – of course, let's play!

If you are reading this post, it is because you have been nominated by another GVer – in other words, you have been challenged and we look forward to reading your post. Who will you challenge in turn?

All you have to do in five simple steps:

1 – Submit a post about anything you like, GV related or not, using this form. If you want to submit something in another language, please add its English translation too. Please do so within a week of being challenged, if possible!

2 – Write at the bottom of your post who challenged you and who are the 3 GVers you are challenging next. Link to this post with the instructions, as below, and send this post to them via email. They will then be able to join and challenge three more GVers.

(3 – Ok, if you really like playing games, you can challenge three more GVer after your second post)

4) Your account will be created, so you can then start using this blog just like another wordpress blog – hope you feel at home.

5) Looking around and leaving comments on other posts would be nice!

Terms and Conditions: The person invited must be a GVer, past or present, including Lingua, Raising Voices and Advox. That is it!

Welcome to the GV Challenge – we look forward to your post – but meanwhile, psssssst! It's secret!

Update: Tuesday, September 23 – fixing typos, tiding up, and well… I thought just one nomination was too stingy. Now we have up to three (and nobody is going to complain if you have three more after your second post, I think ;)

Update: Wednesday, September 24 – If you are stuck about what to write, what about kick off our Community Reflections for the anniversary celebrations? Here is the drill: “My First Post/Translation: We all remember that first post or translation we did for GV, and many of us have interesting anecdotes about how we joined the community. We’d like to hear about them and share them with the world.”

Most Ridiculous Elizabeth

What does a cat have to do with The GV Blog Challenge? Almost nothing, except that I found this photo by performing a search for “Blog challenge” on Flickr, and thought that it must be appropriate then. Secondly, it is my blog post, and I do whatever I like here! Right? Now pounce! Photo of Elizabeth by Laura D'Alessandro (CC BY 2.0).

Paula Góes has nominated ClaireJuan and Rezwan to the GV Challenge.


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