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Thanks Google, I am a GVer!

  October 20, 2014

I have a love and hate relationship with Google, but for one thing alone I would really like to thank Google forever: I discovered Global Voices through an unpretentious search on its engine for two keywords: translation, blogs.

Embracing the unexpected: connections that life throws your way

  September 24, 2014

A post about meeting Gandhi, Chaplin and wonderful ladies in day in my life in London. A typical Tuesday, except that I decided not to follow the script and opened up to the opportunities to make connections that life threw my way. Have you noticed that people smile back if you smile at them?

The GV Blog Challenge – Are you game?

  September 22, 2014

GVers love games – at least Lingua folks! – so here is a game to uncover our "secret" community blog. If you come across this blog, check this post out to see how to join and nominate other GVers for the challenge. Or at least click to see how a cat ended up illustrating this post!