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2018 Editorial Goals: Get to Know the Caribbean a Little Better!

Caribbean regional editor, Janine Mendes-Franco, presents her plans for the first part of the year. 

Weekly Writing Tips: On Writing Ethically

Janine, GV's Caribbean editor, talks about the importance of writing responsibly, following a code of ethics and knowing when to admit shortcomings.

Weekly Writing Tips: Connecting With the Audience

GV Caribbean regional editor Janine explains that the stories that resonate most with readers are the ones that speak to people.

Weekly Writing Tips: ‘The Elements of Style’

Janine, GV's regional editor for the Caribbean, dusts off her copy of classic writing guide "The Elements of Style" and highlights some of its useful tips.

Weekly Writing Tips: Using Your Words Wisely

Janine, GV's regional editor for the Caribbean, talks about the importance of being concise in writing and reading other GV authors' work for inspiration.

Back in the days when Caribbean radio was “free”, along came GV!

The first time I'd ever heard of Global Voices was via a little blog/podcast called Caribbean Free Radio, which my friend Georgia – now GV's managing director – started. At...