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GV2015: A High School Perspective

  January 31, 2015

“May we have a great time in Cebu!” Those were the first words that I heard after initially touching down in Cebu and passing through the two hour customs line at the airport. Immediately after clearing customs, the entire GV staff and I were greeted by a cultural band and...

Abdoulaye Bah, voix du monde sur Global Voices

  December 31, 2014

Abdoulaye Bah est contributeur à Global Voices depuis décembre 2008. Originaire de la Guinée, en Afrique de l’ouest, il vit aujourd'hui principalement en Italie et en France. Il a déjà fait plus de 1200 posts en français, d’autres en italien et en anglais. Son nom revient très souvent dans la...

GV Connect: Talking to Mamisoa Isabella

  December 25, 2014

Global Voices has always played an important role in the life of every GV'er, yet GV Connect  connected me to another way to see Global Voices. Mamisoa Isabella, who's been a part of GV from 2011, belongs to Madagascar, Africa,  translates and writes in French and Malagasy. Her life is...


  October 11, 2014

That first translation has opened so many doors for me, including everything from expanding my professional network to making new friends all over the world who are always there to show me around their home countries when I get bit by the travel bug. Reflection from Marianna Breytman.