You want to share Community News but are unsure what and how? Here are some ideas!

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The Global Voices community is as vast as it is diverse and not only does it span the entire globe – it also consists of people in the most various fields of work, activism, walks of life, hobbies and then some! While GV in itself is home to multiple different projects, initiatives and groups, each an important piece and part in its own right, making us a whole, we are also made up of our people – our community.

The members of this community do and achieve as well as work on wonderful things in but also outside of GV and just like the saying ‘do good and talk about it’ goes: We'd love to hear and talk about it!

The thing is… sometimes, oneself might not even consider something one does, did or achieved as newsworthy. Because maybe you feel it's not big enough to talk about or it's not something our community would be interested in. I, personally, would hope to be able to encourage you to reconsider and re-evaluate that assessment. Your stories about yourself can help shine a different light on the people that make GV what it is and the work they do. Maybe it will help spark a conversation or will inspire someone else or, for a lack of a better word, will ‘simply’ highlight something one of you did that's interesting to read about.

But what are those things I could possibly share, you may wonder? The answers is simple: there are no limitations! And that can be overwhelming or leave you in the unclear about what ‘we're looking for’.

Maybe a translation of yours was published? Just like Herman's was, which you can read all about here.

Or you were part of or even organised a panel, talk, conference or other kind of event? Just like Melissa did in Buenos Aires.

Perhaps, a part of GV's work was featured in another media outlet, such as the Harvard Review of Latin America featuring Rising Voices.

Or you were interviewed by a radio show or were on a podcast, talking about something close to your heart such as Filip talked about his love for languages on Czech National Radio.

As you can tell, there's the widest possible variety of professional or personal news you can share with us and we'd love to write and hear about it. All you have to do is go to the Community News Form and submit the details about your news and the GV Community Curator will write up a blog post based on that information. And if you remain unsure, feel free to reach out to the Community Curator and chat to them about your idea for a community news blog post.

We're looking forward to your news!

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