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Hello, GV'ers!

After a brief hiatus, we're back and better than ever! So, once again, welcome to this week's edition of the Translator Newsletter! Today we're talking about…


Screenshot taken from https://www.ecpdwebinars.co.uk

Screenshot taken from https://www.ecpdwebinars.co.uk

As freelance translators, one of the most crucial aspects of our jobs — whether we like it or not — is marketing ourselves. Designing our websites so that people are aware of everything we can offer can help bring in new clients and increase our opportunities for growth. eCPD is offering a wonderful seminar called “Writing Copy for your Business Website” on November 8th geared specifically towards translators looking to learn about SEO and improve their websites. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Making the Most of Twitter

Screenshot taken from http://successfulfreelancetranslator.com/

Screenshot taken from http://successfulfreelancetranslator.com/

Along the same lines of the previous post, the Successful Freelance Translator put together a fantastic checklist to take advantage of your Twitter account (or start one if you haven't already!) in order to spread the word about yourself as a translator! Check it out here and don't forget to look over the rest of the great courses for translators here!

Five Untranslatable Words

Screenshot taken from http://termcoord.eu/

Screenshot taken from http://termcoord.eu/

The untranslatable is one of my favorite things to ponder. I love that every language has its own words and concepts that only exist within that framework, but as a translator, I also see it as a challenge and try to figure out how best to bring these words into my target language. Author Ella Frances Sanders actually wrote a book compiling different untranslatable words with their meanings and now Terminology Coordination is back with a list of five untranslatable words for us to tackle. What do you think? Can you translate these?

The World Through the Eyes of a Multilinguist

Screenshot taken from http://nymag.com

Screenshot taken from http://nymag.com

We've talked before about the concept of different selfs depending on what language you're speaking. (I know I certainly have different personalities in English, Russian, and Spanish!) But if speaking different languages affects how others see you, can it also affect how you view the world? Science of Us seems to think so! In a post entitled, “The World Looks Different When You're Speaking a Second Language“, they tackle a fascinating question: “Is the you that exists in one linguistic context different from the you that exists in another?”


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