Kristina Edinger

I've just returned to the U.S. after spending most of my adult life in Chile and I'm looking forward to new adventures! I hold a BA from New York University, an MBA from Loyola University Maryland, as well as certificates in translation studies and simultaneous interpreting. In my free time, I love to travel, meet new people, practice yoga, paint, drink coffee, and read.

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Tips for New Translators — Part 3: Slang and Social Media

Social media has to do with shared experiences, which are very difficult to translate. One must really have a grasp of the context.

Tips for New Translators: Part 2 — Metalanguage and Word Order

(Editor's note — This post is the second in the three-part series: Tips for New Translators.) Understanding metalanguage Foundations of Translation was my first course in the Translations Studies program...

Tips for New Translators — Part 1: Pretranslation and Context

I want to share with new translators the tips and tools, as well as my mistakes, so that your translations are not only correct, but accurate!