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Announcing The Content Partnership With KIRRT

Global Voices announces the partnership with the Kirrt project which documents craftspeople and artists from the Punjab region in India to showcase and promote their work.

2018 Editorial Goal: We Want More Cross-Border Collaborative Stories in South Asia

For the next three months, I want to lead an effort with my team to produce three to four stories per month that look at topics from a regional perspective.

Why We Do What We Do: Confession Of A Gver

There are many injustices happening every day across the world that prevent us from having a sound sleep. That's why we must keep on doing what we do as GVers.

GV Board Elections 2017: Rezwan

Campaign statement by Rezwan, contesting for a Staffs' Representative position in the Global Voices Board Elections.

Volunteer Translators Needed for Global Voices Bangla Lingua

We're reaching out because the Lingua Community is looking for volunteers to help out with translating into Bangla. If you're interested, please apply or mail us.

Weekly Writing Tips: Authenticating Social Media Sources

In his last installment of the weekly writing tips for the month, Rezwan explains Patrick Meier's process of verifying social media data.

Weekly Writing Tips: Sourcing Content from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

There are plenty of tools and strategies to find citizen commentary on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Rezwan, GV regional editor for South Asia, explains a few.

Weekly Writing Tips: Sourcing Blog Content

Have a blogroll? Use an RSS reader? Keeping tabs on your region's blogosphere is a whole lot easier if you do, says Rezwan.

Weekly Writing Tips: Coming Up With Story Ideas

Rezwan, regional editor for South Asia, kicks off his month of writing tips with advice on finding story ideas for Global Voices posts.

Transformation From A Corporate Employee To A Citizen Journalist

My foray into the world of blogs and social media was kind of accidental. In 2003 I was working for a multinational company in Dhaka, Bangladesh and was in charge...