· February, 2018

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Summit 2017 Community Meeting Notes: Bring on the Comments!

  February 23, 2018

Greetings GVers! Alas, the GV Summit 2017 has come and gone, but we still have the memories — and lots and lots of notes collected from our many sessions. At long last, a few of us core teamers (Eddie, Ellery, Lauren and myself) have gathered all of the notes we could,...

Are We Mentors More Than We Are Editors?

  February 23, 2018

Many of the conversations at the 2017 Global Voices Staff Meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka, touched upon how Global Voices has organically evolved over the years into a "learning organization."

Global wisdom for the survival kit–what we collected so far

February 13, 2018

Taiwan sits on the Pacific tectonic ‘ring of fire’, so earthquakes are nothing new to us. A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck Taiwan in the midnight on 2018/2/6 and caused four concrete buildings collapsed partially. The death toll is 17. In the morning on 2/7, we received warm messages from GVers...

Announcing: GV Staff Goal-Setting Initiative

  February 11, 2018

We’re excited to announce a new initiative we’re introducing at GV for 2018. This year, instead of focusing on numbers of posts and other quantitative measures, Global Voices staff members, including newsroom editors, section leaders and other core team members, will be organising our work around periodic goals. Why are...