· December, 2014

Posts about Community from December, 2014

Abdoulaye Bah, voix du monde sur Global Voices

Abdoulaye Bah est contributeur à Global Voices depuis décembre 2008. Originaire de la Guinée, en Afrique de l’ouest, il vit aujourd'hui principalement en Italie et en France. Il a déjà...

Marie Bohner: GV m'a donné confiance pour écrire

Etant née de mère française et de père allemand, Marie Bohner a grandi dans un milieu international et multilingue car elle a fait son éducation dans une filière internationale. Dès...

The Many Hats of Gabriela García Calderón

Gabriela García Calderón is one of the most prolific authors and translators in Global Voices. An attorney who likes to read and write stories of daily life of common people...

María Angélica Marín de Santiago du Chili

Meet María Angélica Marín, GV translator and author now living in Santiago, Chilé.

Entrevista con Gwenaelle Lefeuvre

Meet GV Gwenaelle Lefeuvre, GV French translator.

الهجينة الرائعة

Meet Thalia Rahme, GV author and translator from Beirut, Lebanon.

From Strasbourg with Love for Languages

Meet Suzanne Lehn, co-editor of Global Voices in French. Suzanne is a GV author and translator from Strasbourg France, and a keen traveller.

Mary Aviles, and How to Succeed in Balancing Professional and Family Life

Meet Mary Avilés, our Latin America editor, a position she embraced in October 2014. She was brand new to Global Voices back then, but in few weeks she got used...

Global Voices Author Sanjib Chaudhary hails from Nepal

Meet Sanjib Chaudhary, GV author for Nepal, blogger, traveller, "avid reader and gym freak".

Meet Anushe Noor Faheem, The Youngest Author Of Global Voices Online

Making acquaintance with Anushe was one of my wonderful online virtual meeting, especially that she is an activist teenager from Pakistan, the youngest author of Global Voices who joined the...