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Translator Newsletter: Bilingualism, Translating prose, and more!

  August 24, 2015

Happy Monday everyone! For the past few months, I've been putting together a newsletter for the Spanish-English translator group and Gohary, our fearless Lingua leader, recently pointed out that other Lingua groups might benefit from it as well. So here is the first Lingua-wide installment of the Translator Newsletter! You...

Bangladesh, Killing them softly

August 9, 2015

One more in the tally. Dhaka will wake up in few hours. Like any other Sunday, life will start with heavy traffic and with the same heart. With same fear, and no words, nothing new to say about. As Nuhash Humayun wrote, “Pohela Boishak made it clear this country is...

Global Voices Partners with The Innovation Station

  August 7, 2015

Global Voices is partnering with a new project out of the Netherlands, an online TV project called the Innovation Station, or TIS.tv. Backed in part by our long-time partner Hivos, the goals of the Innovation Station are to mix social and technological innovation, encourage diverse views and trigger a dialogue and inspire people...