Google Groups

We don't have a physical office at Global Voices, but we do have a whole lot of Google Groups where authors, editors, translators and Translation Managers interact to make things happen on the Global Voices site and in our broader community.

Privacy note: Conversations on the Global Voices Google Groups are considered private to the community and not for public dissemination.

Profiles: We ask that all members of Google Groups update their profile with as much information as they feel comfortable with, including name, blog link, photo, email address, geographic location, and phone number. This is very helpful in group archive searches.

Universal: Absolutely everyone who is an author, translator, editor, or Translation Manager at Global Voices should be a member of the GV Community group. Please ask to be invited if you are not, providing the description of your role as a contributor, i.e. Contributor in a Lingua site (please state the site), GV Main, Rising Voices or Advox.

Regional: Most regions have their own groups as well, please ask relevant editors to be included in them if you would like to contribute.

Active Mailing Lists

Please apply to be accepted to any of the following groups if you think you should belong to them. Membership is subject to approval by the group's administrator, so don't forget to let them know who you are and which editorial or Lingua group you belong to.


“GV Community” Group (universal mailing list for all editors, authors, translators, and staff of Global Voices)


Advox uses Riseup, an open, non-profit platform that offers greater security than Google Groups. If you're interested in joining the list, please send an email to gvadvocacy-subscribe [at] lists [dot] riseup [dot] net with “Subscribe me!” in the subject line. Tell us a bit about why you are interested in joining the community, and we'll respond as soon as we can.

Regional and Language specific

  • GV-Caribbean (for authors from/in the Caribbean)
  • GV-CEE and Europe (for authors from/in Central and Eastern Europe, and the rest of Europe too)
  • GV-Sub-Saharan Africa (for authors from/in Sub-Saharan African countries)
  • MidEastGV (for authors from/in the Middle East and North Africa aka MENA)
  • GV-USA (for authors from/in the USA)
  • GV-Americas (for authors from/in Latin America]
  • GV-South Asia (for authors from/in South Asia]
  • GV South-East Asia (for authors from/in South East Asia)
  • GV Japan (for authors and contributors covering Japanese affairs)
  • GV-East Asia (a cross-border mailing list for authors from/in East Asia incl. Japan, China, South East Asia)
  • Portuguese (for authors and contributors covering Portuguese speaking countries)
  • GVTurkey (For Turkish GVers)

Lingua (for translators in each language).

Lingua into English translators

Editors only

Managing Mailing Lists


You can subscribe to a group through our web interface or via email. To subscribe to a group through the web interface, simply log into your Google Account and visit the group of your choice. Then click the “Join this group” link on the right-hand side of the page under “About this group”. If you don't have a Google account, subscribe to a group via email by sending an email to [Groupname]

Changing your settings

Many people don't have the time to read all emails in all lists, so it is very good to customise your delivery settings according to your capacity/interest.

To change your email delivery option, you must first sign into the Google Account associated with the email address subscribed to the group. Visit the Google Groups page of the group you want to change and click the “Manage my membership”. Choose the email delivery option that you prefer for your group from the drop-down menu and save your changes.

If you want to continue your membership in a group but do not want to receive any group emails in your inbox, go to the group's homepage and click ‘Edit my membership’, then select the ‘No Email’ option and click “Save these settings”. By doing so, you will be able to read emails on the webpage.


To unsubscribe to any of our groups, go to the group's homepage and remove yourself as a member. Click ‘Edit my membership’ and ‘Unsubscribe’ at the bottom of that page.

If you are leaving Global Voices for good, it is always good to let your editor know and say goodbye. Sorry to see you go!